Cue, traditional "fight on roof of train" scene

Complete with "shit, there's a tunnel" bit

No more road for the Landy

She has a rifle....she "may have a shot".....not clean......."take it" says M.....Oops, Bond is down....all the way down into the river at the bottom of the ravine. "Agent Down".....rain.......

Bond's body floats down the river. Adele time

Unusually, I think, she's not banging on about how some bloke was a complete wanker to crumble seems to get a mention though, so maybe comfort food is involved

it's a cut above that Sam Smith dirge though, that's for sure.....

Y'know, that future theme to a future film that hasn't been thought of yet

London, MI6 HQ, it's raining.....well it is London......M writes an obituary for Bond

Off to meet the new chairman. he's going to be Frank. Crap code name