Monday Night Raw



Hey everyone Jody Jamieson here for another Monday Night Raw! We have the return of Brock Lesnar from the grips of USADA, the build to Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor for the Universal Title, and more!

All I want to see tonight is Brock Lesnar vs James Ellsworth. Come on WWE. You know you want to.

We open with a recap of last week's show, which was awesome. We get a recap of Balor winning the chance to face Rollins, and Sasha Banks winning the Women's Title.

Raw is live from Atlanta, Georgia tonight. WCW country. And we're opening with Sasha Banks, who looks awesome with the title around her waist.

The announce the rematch with Charlotte at Summerslam.

Sasha takes a mic. You deserve it chants. She thanks them. Sasha has such a babyface smile and such heel delivery when she speaks. It's weird but it works.

She talks about her match with Bayley in Brooklyn last year. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It was awesome.

She says she'll win at Summerslam. Her promo is a little off to begin with, and just as she hits her stride, Charlotte's music hits.

They zoom in on two geeky kids doing thumbs down. For a second I thought it was 1990 and IRS was coming out.

Fans chant "you tapped out" and Charlotte says there was a fly. Sasha taunts her asking where her belt is. Charlotte fumes. Sasha asks where Dana is. Charlotte tells her to get over herself.