Monday Night Raw



"Prepare to be wowed" says Michael Cole about Nia Jax. Don't be prepared. We're getting another squash match.

Ariel Monroe is this week's jobber. She tries a cross body, but Nia swats her out the air. Samoan drop into a slam which looked cool for the pin.

What was weird was that Nia with the slam was in position to get the pin, but she stood up to place a foot on her for the pin. Byron Saxton tries to interview Nia, who then attacks the jobber again.

Tom Phillips interviews Sami Zayn. Sami puts over Rollins but says he's got a big mouth, like Kevin Owens, and Sami beat him.

Here come the New Day!

They get on the mic. Address getting their asses kicked by Gallows and Anderson last week. There's gonna be a tag team match with one of the New Day banned from ringside. They drew fruit to decide. Xavier got the banana so he'll be offski.

There were two oranges and a banana so they could make a cock and balls joke. How you could pick the non matching fruit is idiotic with that choice. Xavier's parents are apparently in the front row. They're plugging Booty-O's cereal which you can actually buy now online.

Club come out. Fun time is over.

Xavier leaves. Big E starts with Anderson. Big E decks him.

Big E goes for the tag after Anderson turned the tables. Gallows pulls Kingston off the apron.