Monday Night Raw



Sami gets some momentum, goes to the top, Seth crotched him, forearm to the face and he falls outside. Time for adverts.

Back from break. Rollins hits a sling blade. All Seth

Rollins taunts him, Sami with a victory roll for a near fall. Seth hits a buckle bomb, and Seth sets up for a superkick but get smashed with a clothesline.

Sami starts a comeback, and hits a Michinoku driver for 2.

Sami hits a Blue Thunder Bomb and gets another near fall.

Sami with a tornado DDT. Goes for the mafia kick but Seth rolls outside. Sami with his over the top senton dive on Rollins. If the guy on the outside doesn't catch him he might break his ass a la Johnny Stomboli in WCW.

Sami goes for the Helluva kick again, misses and Rollins with a pedigree for the win. Good match.

Paul Heyman is back. He signed a new deal, announced today. Brock and Paul will be out next. Over/Under 0.5 mentions of Brock's USADA failure? I'm taking the under.

Puff Daddy or whatever he calls himself now will be on Raw next week.

Paul Heyman is in the ring being Paul Heyman. Paul says Brock is the single biggest attraction in combat sports history. He was the main event of UFC 100, the biggest selling UFC PPV of all time. Paul calls him "the Beast if the Brocktagon" and brings him out.