Monday Night Raw



Charlotte says she doesn't need Dana Brooke or Ric Flair to beat her. She's lying.

Charlotte says Sasha is a one night stand. Gets a fair amount of heat. Sasha says "you're the daughter of Ric Flair. If it wasn't for a one night stand you wouldn't be standing here." Awesome line

They're interrupted by Chris Jericho who comes out saying "quiet" over and over again. Huh?

Jericho calls Sasha an ungrateful little punk. He calls Charlotte royalty. This has taken a weird turn

Jericho then buries Ric Flair as Charlotte giggles. Says Charlotte will win at Summerslam.

Jericho asks what the "boss" nickname is all about. Calls the fans purple haired teeny bopper stupid idiots.

Jericho calls her a brat. And Enzo and Cass' music hits to a HUGE POP! Enzo comes out, sans Cass.

Has Cass been USADA'd?

Enzo comes to defend the corner of Sasha. He does the How You Doin shtick to Sasha and kisses her hand.

Enzo goes into full flirt mode. Sasha struggles not to laugh.