Monday Night Raw



We're back. Heat on Enzo. Here's what took us into break.

They show a replay of Jericho turning the tables. For all the world it looked like Enzo distracted himself. Jericho goes for a bulldog. Enzo counters and sends Jericho into the buckle. Makes a comeback with a cross body for 2.

Enzo goes for a middle rope dropkick. Jericho catches him and sticks him in the Walls, but quickly to the ropes.

Enzo back to the top again. Doesn't work again. Jericho hits a dropkick. The ladies tag in and Sasha does a hot tag. Knee stomp in the corner

Sasha backstabber, Dana runs down, Sasha gets rolled up. She kicks out, gets distracted by Jericho, and eats Natural Selection for the win for the heels.

Enzo gets back in the ring to check on Sasha. jericho hits a codebreaker. Cass comes down and the heels bail.

Back from break showing the Bella's winning some award at some awards ceremony.

Here comes Brawn Strowman. This week's geek is nowhere near as geeky. Though he did say he gets $1,000 dollars, and $5,000 if he wins. I laughed.

Brawn Strowman vs some jobber. Brawn is just throwing him around.

Strowman wins with a reverse chokeslam. I love a good squash match, but this wasn't nearly as legendary as last week. Still good for what it was though.