Monday Night Raw



Someone's gonna break their face really soon on that move. And Strowman still sucks.

Steph and Mick chat backstage about how great a job they're doing. They bury Smackdown. Mark Henry comes in. He's the WWE ambassador for the Rio Olympics.

Mark says his creative juices are flowing and he wants to reopen the Hall of Pain. YES! Steph says she wants him to be a mentor instead. Mark correctly points out she's being a fool.

Mick Foley gives him a shot against Rusev for the US Title. Henry gets fired up. Stephanie looks perplexed.

Golden Truth are playing Pokemon Go backstage. Goldust says R-Truth is addicted. They have a match next. I think. They were just rambling.

Golden Truth vs Shining Stars. Truth is on the apron playing Pokemon Go and not concentrating. I guess we're getting a comedy finish somewhere here.

Heat on Goldust. Truth still playing with his phone as the Shining Stars just whoop Goldust.

Goldust goes for the hot tag. Truth finds a Pokemon. Goldust goes for the tag. Truth drops his phone. Goes after it. Goldust gets rolled up for the pin. Complete waste of time.

Truth checks on Goldust, then fucks off to find another Pokemon. This was no good.

Finn Balor time after the break.