Monday Night Raw



Michael Cole in the ring to interview Finn Balor. Says people are calling it the greatest debut in Raw history. They're not messing around in making Finn a big deal.

Crowd are gonna piss themselves at Summerslam when he comes out with the paint.

Cole interviews him about being a first round pick and the big win. Finn says the last couple of weeks have been unbelievable and says he had to come to Raw and make an impact. Before he gets properly gong, here comes Seth Rollins.

Seth nabs Cole's mic and tells him to take a hike. Seth gives a potted history of Balor, pointing out everything Balor did, he did first.

Talks NXT championship, being drafted and pinning Roman Reigns. Says he did it all first and better.

Seth buries the new Ghostbusters. Gets heat from me as its awesome.

Finn says he'll win and be the first ever Universal Champion. Seth cackles.

Seth puts over Balor for making NXT what it is today, but earlier took a shot at the Atlanta Braves, and is now being interrupted by the Tomahawk chop.

Seth says this is Raw and he's the man. Finn buries Seth's laugh. Who wrote this? Finn says everywhere he's been there's been someone like Seth. They say they're the man, then Finn beats them and becomes the man.

Seth tells Finn to watch him face Sami Zayn later. That'll be fun. Finn says the big difference is he earned his opportunity, while Seth had his handed to him. Seth kicks off and says he'll win. Fight starts. Finn sends him packing.