Monday Night Raw



This wasn't particularly good. Finn's promo sucked and the crowd didn't exactly get into him.

New Day vs Gallows and Anderson later. Next it's Rusev vs Henry for the US Title.

Here's Finn sending Rollins backing with a spin kick and a Pele.

Lana looking lovely wearing a revealing wedding dress after her and Rusev got married on Friday. Yay for them. Rusev is a great man.

Here comes Mark Henry. His promo earlier was awesome. Will he be humbled here, or will he take the US Title to Rio? Let's find out!

Before the match, Rusev interrupts JoJo and tells her to introduce him first. Greatness.

Rusev vs Matk Henry for the US Title. Fans chant USA because of course they do. DONG DING DING!

Henry throws Rusev around and then a big slam. Rusev bails to the outside.

Rusev turns the tables with some Muay Thai leg kick, but then comes off the ropes and gets clotheslined. We head to break with Henry on top.

We're back. Rusev has turned the tables. They don't show us how.