Monday Night Raw



Rusev goes for the Accolade but Henry powers out and the crowd goes mental. Rusev hits a spinning wheel kick to slow down the comeback.

And Rusev just slaps on the Accolade and wins by submission. The happy couple celebrate!

Rusev takes a mic, buries Henry, buries America at the Olympics. Buries the IOC for rigging the Games and excluding Russians and Bulgarians so Americans can win. Says he's a natural born winner and that's why he's champ. Roman Reigns music hits.

Guess we're getting Reigns and Rusev for the US Title at Summerslam.

Reigns into the ring. They stare down. Talk a bit. Rusev goes to leave. Roman cuts him off. Rusev starts shouting. Rusev cheap shots him and the brawl is on. Rusev eats a superman punch. Goes for a second and Rusev bails. Reigns to the outside and hits a second Superman pinch.

Must say while there were still boos, that's the best reaction Reigns has got in a while.

We get a Nia Jax hype video. It's a good video. She still sucks.

Darren Young vs Titus O'Neill. We getting a heel turn here?

Darren Young can't lock up. That would have been a nice place to start making him "great again"

They're having an ugly as shit match. Crowd doesn't know what to make of it.