Monday Night Raw



Titus is working as the heel here and is throwing around Darren in a pretty reckless manner.

Titus with the hardest slam I've seen in ages. Darren Young may be killed in this match.

Titus rolls up Darren and pulls the tights for the three count. This match was utterly terrible.

We get no heel turn, but I guess they're "building to something"

Backstage with Steph and Mick. She gives Foley a Raw branded tablet. Sheamus interrupts. Maybe get an office or something to stop these geeks interrupting?

Sheamus bitches about Henry getting a title shot. Cesaro interrupts. The bitch at each other. Foley says Cesaro went low in the draft because of his injury history. Foley says Sheamus' head hasn't been in the game since he cashed in Money In The Bank. He books them against each other and says the winner will get a future title shot. Mick is great. Stephanie has to emasculate Sheamus just because.

Nia Jax after the break.

Video for the Cruiserweight Classic if you have the Network, go watch it. It's a lot of fun.

The Cruiserweight division is coming to Raw.

Bob Backlund is going apoplectic at Titus backstage. Titus says he needs to calm down or he'll knock him out. Darren jumps him from behind to save Backlund.