New Zealand



Evening all. @aidanleape here to take you, in British terms anyway, from Day 1 of the Olympics into Day 2. Straddling the midnight hour is another game from the Women's Football. It's the turn of the USA and New Zealand to get their tournaments underway.

Here come the teams. USA line up with Solo; Sauerbrunn, Long, O'Hara, Pugh; Lloyd, Johnston, Brian, Klingenberg; Morgan, Heath.

New Zealand start with Nayler; Erceg, Percival, Ashley Scott, Riley; Bowen, Duncan, Hassett, Longo; Wilkinson, Hearn

Anthem time. My mum claims to like the USA socks. All very happy here.

BBC, in their wisdom, have take the Zimbabwe v Germany game off Olympics HD1 and shifted it to Olympics HD8. I've got the promotion to 1. #bigtime. We're underway. 0-0 (0)

The commentator legit said 'Let the games begin.' Brilliant. I've also got a bloke who sounds like Paul Dempsey. Is that Paul Dempsey. IT'S PAUL DEMPSEY. I've won at commentary roulette tonight. 0-0 (1)

Good start from USA and they should have an early goal. Corner comes in and there is all sorts of pinball (which will be in the Olympics come 2024). Somehow New Zealand clear it away. 0-0 (5)

First chance for Alex Morgan as she flashes a header across goal, but wide. Dominant start from the USA. 0-0 (7)

Sorry if my updates are a bit sporadic. I'm basically running the good ship BTM at the moment. I've been left with all sorts of passwords and duties. It's all very overwhelming for someone who loves a power trip. 0-0 (8)