Swimming: Day One



Afternoon all. @aidanleape here for my first stint of this Rio Olympics, and it'll be a wet one. We're off to the Aquatics Centre for the first session of swimming in this years Games.

No medals here, no glory, but plenty to remain interested in as we qualify the swimmers for tonights finals session that starts at a delightful 2am here in the UK. I used to like sleep. I used to know what it was.

The awful phone tone holding music has ended from the BBCs stream. We're just about ready to get our eyes on this pool.

God the Aquatics Centre looks dreadful. Looks as though it's been wrapped in tinfoil. John Lewis covered a shop like that in the Trafford Centre once and I thought it was tacky. But at least it sold posh chutney and gin. Anyhow, as is now common with Rio, the inside looks very empty. No shocks there.

Men's 400m IM is the first event up. Four heats in this. Heat 1 has three swimmers. Honestly. Lane 3 - Vega (Cuba) Lane 4 - Meier (Lichtenstein) Lane 5 - Pinotes (ANG) They are OFF to a cough from a child. That's all I can hear.

This is the Jack of all trades race. Two lengths of each of the strokes. Meier takes the turn in the lead, and moves onto the backstroke, which doesnt look his strongest suit. He's already lost all the advantage he gained. Vega turns first half way through this race. Meier right with him, Pinotes about 3.5 behind.

Meier has 100m to go, he grabbed a huge lead on his Fly. All very impressive for him, bar his backstroke, which even an amateur like me can tell was bad. Meier wins in 4:19.19, which looks pretty good. Pinotes came back on the freestyle (doggy paddle) to grab second. 4:19.9 in the slowest heat is getting some high praise from the comms.

Men's 400m IM Heat 2: Love to give you a lane by lane list of runners and riders, but it's all too quick. Mahoney of Australia leads through 100m of butterfly.

Desplances (SUI) in Lane 2 and Meyer (RSA) in Lane 5 are fighting to get bck on terms, but Mahoney is really extending his gap as he moves onto Breaststroke, which is his thing.

Good breaststroke (children) from Pons Ramon there from Spain, and he's able to get comfortably into second, but it's Mahoney who wins this one, but only just. Pons Ramon with a right surge on the freestyle. Desplances holds onto 3rd. That heat was won in 4:13, so significantly quicker than that practical mince of a first heat.