Equestrian: Eventing Dressage Day 2



Welcome to day two of the eventing competition - the second half of the dressage. Just a reminder- everyone completes one dressage test, then tomorrow everyone goes round a tough looking cross country course. On Tues first everyone goes show jumping. The lowest three overall scores for each country count to the team comp. Then the best 25 overall jump again to decide individual gold.

Three or Four riders per team , plus countries that can't field that many riders or didn't qualify have one or two riders here as individuals. Yesterday, William Fox-Pitt topped the standing with a fantastic test on Chilli Morning. Gemma Tattersall also went for GB, she lies 15th.

First up is Joris Vanspringel for Belgium, on Lully Des Aulnes. Hot day again, and sadly, little to no crowd. 4th Olympics for Vanspringel. Horse is slightly over excited and not concentrating on the job at hand. He looks relieved to be through that. 63.10, not a great start sadly

Next up is Lauren Billys from Puerto Rico, on board Castle Larchfield Purdy, riding as an individual. Her first Olympics and a neat, tidy test. Larch field slightly over tucks his neck, held on an overly short rein. But all in all, not a bad effort. Horse gets a huge hug at the end which is greta to see. 56.20

Back to the team riders then, and Colleen Loach is next in for Canada, riding Qorry Blue D'Argouges. Canada lying 9th out of 12 teams after day one. Oh wow - a beautiful grey. Their first Olympics. Not a great start- a small trip in the first movement disrupts their rhythm. Actually not a great test - lots of small mistakes. 56.60

Thibaut Vallette for France next, on Qing du Briot. France did really well yesterday and were just one point behind GB in the team standings. Not the biggest horse, but he looks like he has some pizazz. Oh yes, very bouncy and full of life. Effortless looking test, but one small error in stopping before a marker. 41.00 and into fourth!

Jonty Evans for Ireland goes next, riding Cooley Rorkes Drift. Ireland did very well yesterday, with a couple of PBs. First Olympics for Evans. And he makes a decent start to his test. Extended canter particularly good. Wow!!! Into fifth with 41.20. That does Ireland no harm whatsoever



Pietro Roman for Italy rides Barraduff into the arena. Barraduff another lovely grey. Pietro's brother went yesterday for Italy - he scored 50.80. Another horse than has scope but seems a tad stiff. Changes went well. 48.20 so just beats his brother, and lands up in 22nd.

Stuart Tinney next for what looks a very strong Australian team. He rides Pluto Mio and my, what a horse. X-factor alert. So powerful and so smooth. Slight comical moment when Pluto stuck his head up like a giraffe but such is life. Oh and Pluto won't concentrate- this is so frustrating, it had the makers of a stunner... 56.80. Not good for Stuart.

Andrey Mitin next for Russia, riding Gurza. Wind picking up here, which is a distraction. He doesn't look good on warm up at all, I hope he improves when the test starts! Um, not the best. Just a bit scrappy and a young horse whose inexperience shows. 59.90