Michael Smith

Adrian Lewis



Good evening everyone and welcome to some more quarter finals in the Grand Slam. @Ugster1 to take you through tonight's two matches.

Later on, it's Michael van Gerwen v Kim Huybrechts, but first up, Michael Smith v Adrian Lewis.

Mardle and Bristow, and indeed Dave Clark, still showing no sign of anything approaching a stripe on their shirts - they do love the solids

I know it hasn't exactly been a fun filled few hours, but let's see if we can lose ourselves for a bit in the magic of sport at its best.

So, ringwalks (boardwalks?) underway. Smith already onstage, Lewis just about to join him. First to 16 legs into the semis.

And we're off, Lewis with the darts in the odd numbered legs. And he takes out 114 under some pressure for first leg.

180 for Smith after some loose darts earlier in leg gets him back into it, and he holds for one apiece.

Some rubbish, to be frank, from Lewis lets Smith have first shot at finish. Misses that, but does have another chance, hits d20 - breaks

Smith settling into this now. Stays well ahead in that leg, but then cannot finish. But neither can Lewis! Eventually, hold for Smith on d2

And now Lewis looking better - hits a 180, then a 42 out for the hold. 3-2 Smith into break.