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Great Britain
6(6) 6(14)



Right - you know that doubles match between Brazil and Great Britain that's due to start at 1am?

It's started!

It's 1 game each, the Murrays are serving (Jamie) and they've just saved a couple of break points.

BPs duly saved and game won - it's 2-1 in the first set to the Murrays.

One of Thomaz Belluci & André is wearing long white socks, which makes him resemble a J Pop sensation

It's Sá, and he's just held his serve comfortably. 2-2

Andy serving, and he's got his eye in. The benefit of playing, and winning, a singles match earlier in the day, I guess.

A brilliant disguised shot at the net from Jamie, and a big serve from Andy and it's game to love. 3-2 to GBR, Bellucci to serve.

The tennis courts I've seen so far have a huge amount of space to play in - probably allowing for great singles defensive play, but I'm not sure if it will have an effect on doubles.

Bellucci holds his serve reasonably comfortably and we're back with Jamie. If there's a weakness here, it may be Jamie's serve, and Tomaz Bellucci is just the type to punish any short balls.