Never Have I Ever Seen #4: Pan's Labyrinth



1:44:46 Meanwhile, the blood of an innocent (Ofelia) is dripping and that's good enough to open the portal. The KING command her to rise ... she's in some kind of Palace in a funky red dress. She passed he most important and final task, spilling her own blood instead of the child, The faun and the fairies are all OK.

1:46:42 Back in 1944 Spain, Mercedes is weeping over the prone body of the child. Voice over telling us that she reigned over the kingdom, leaving traces in our physical world for us to see. Fade to credits ...

So, what did you make of Pan's Labyrinth then? I enjoyed it - it was more violent and (slightly) less fantastic than I expected. Not sure I got all the symbolism mind you, so it could be one to watch again. I liked the bit about the watch. I liked the way the 2 stories interlinked. Knocked Narnia into a cocked hat.

IMDB has a rating of 8.2 for this, agree? Yes, I'd definitely give it more than 8, so 8.2 seems about right. Definitely a film to make you think and, like onions, with many layers. The music was good too - didn't really have a chance to say anything about that while watching.

So wrap this up by giving Pan's Labyrinth a 5 word review… Psycho Dad done by Stepdaughter.

I've been Alan Wilson @dralanwilson and I now have seen Pan's Labyrinth.