Gymnastics: Men's Artistic Team Final



Hello Folks and welcome to the Men's Team Gymnastic Final featuring Max Whitlock and co, I'm Chris Rolfe and I'll be taking you through all 6 rotations as GB look to improve on their bronze of 4 years ago

We're in the Rio Olympic arena, I'm mainly watching for Matt Bakers commentary

The gymnasts are out and being introduced, China, USA, Japan, GB, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Brazil are the 8 teams

5 man teams, 3 from each team go on each apparatus, every score counts so any fall, stumble or mistake will be costly

GB start on rings with Brazil, Brinn Bevan, Nile Wilson and Max Whitlock will be the 3 guys going

This is GB's weakest rotation so expect to see them low down after rings but expect a good bounce back on vault

China and Japan are the two favorites but anything could happen, one mistake and it's all over

China kick us off on floor, pretty flawless to my (non) expert eye, we'll see if the judges agree, the team certainly seem happy

0.3 penalties, 14.833, decent start from China

The penalty was just for half a foot off the floor on one of the moves, over to Ukraine on the vault