Gymnastics: Men's Artistic Team Final



Very good and controlled vault from Uchimura, showing why he's considered one of the best male gymnasts of all time

15.566 for Uchimira, huge, hear comes Shirai, absolutely insane, a triple twist and he's nailed the landing

Brazil now on P-Bars, a couple of mistakes but he gets through it, 14.400 for Nguyen on the high bar, Shirai scores 15.633 for his vault

This final is really starting to heat up, USA have had a tricky start but will be looking to get back on track on the rings, they sat 7th after two rotations

A very good final routine from the USA, Hambuechen now going on high bar, the current Olympic silver medalist on this apparatus and he's attempting a 7.300 difficulty routine

SMASHED IT!!!! Germany are right in this final, USA scored 14.966 on that rings routine, now we wait for Hambuechen's score, will definitely be in the 15's and maybe the 16's

Not as high as I expected, 15.666, now seeing highlights of Nile Wilson on the P-Bars

Japan up to 2nd, Russia stretch ahead by 2 marks, GB remain in third, surprisingly Germany have fallen to 5th

Mark Dannell

One of their lads fell off the high bar

Chris Rolfe (@ChrisRolfe16)

Ah that must've been the one routine they didn't show, the other two were solid

So USA/China are now on Vault, Brazil/GB on High bar, Japan/Russia on P-bar and Ukraine/Germany on floor

USA start off with two solid vaults, Germany looking good on the floor, Brazil have started well on the high bar