Swimming: James Guy goes for Gold



Here's the schedule for the next couple of hours:


Another break in the action now as the Women's 100m Backstroke medal ceremony takes place. 4 women on the podium for this one.

Hosszu's also got a semi-final coming up in half an hour or so but for now she seems happy to take her time walking down the bank of photographers.

Back to the swimming, it's the Men's 200m Butterfly Semi-Finals. Here's the line-up for the first race:

Big cheers for the Brazilian Kaio Marcio as he walks out. The favourite for this SF is undoubtedly Laszlo Cseh who has gone for the shaved head over the cap, in case you were wondering about his commitment.

Cseh is indeed out strongly in the first 50m and he's first at the turn. Brazilian Marcio takes the lead at the 100m mark to the delight of the crowd.

It's the Japanese swimmer Sakai at the final turn but Cseh is winding it up down the final 50m.

Laszlo Cseh does get in first, followed by the two Japanese swimmers Seto and Sakai in the second and third.

Right then, here come the big guns:

The GOAT Michael Phelps is in lane 3 looking focused, Chad Le Clos goes in lane 5. They're separated by Hungarian Tamas Kenderesi.

Here we go, Le Clos and Phelps both out quickly and it's Phelps first at the turn.