Swimming: Day Four Qualifying Heats



BRIT ALERT Ben proud in the next heat. He was the British record holder before Duncan Scott broke it 2 races ago. Can he get it back

Nathan Adrian is the fastest in this heat but Ben gets a great start and takes the race out fast

Kyle Chalmers wins the heat with a junior world record 47.8. Ben proud struggled as the race went on. Duncan Scott still 3rd fastest

Results from the penultimate heat

Onto the last heat and the fastest man in the world this year Cam Mcevoy

Good start from Mcevoy but not as good as the Serb in lane 1. Mcevoy now starting to come back and he gets it in 48.1

I'll bring you the finalists when I get them but I'm sure that Duncan Scott will be in the semi final. And I think he has gone in 3rd fastest

Results from the final heat.

And I was right Duncan Scott third fastest into the final. With Nathan Adrian the current Olympic champ just scraping into the semi finals in 16th

Now onto the women's 200m Butterfly. An event that in my opinion you have to be stupid to do. 4 heats of this event.