Swimming: Day Four Qualifying Heats



The results of the first Heat.

Heat number 2 of 5 and we have a Brazilian as the fastest swimmer in this heat.

We also have an Irish swimmer Nic Quinn a psychology student from Edinburgh Uni

Too much noise in the crowd and the swimmers are asked to stand down

They get away clean this time and the Brazilian is going very well here

Cerdeira turns in a 62 flat only just outside the world record split. Really being lifted by the crowd

Nick Quinn challenging the Brazilian and finishing very powerfully as the Brazilian falls back

Results from Heat 2

Heat 3 now and the first seeded heat we have gyurta who seems to have been around for ages in this one. And the massive figure of Van Der burgh is down in lane 2

I expect Cam Van Der Burgh to go out fast as he is a sprinter and I was right he's first to 50 28.67