Swimming: Day Four Qualifying Heats



Koseki uses his speed into the wall and comes out ahead by about half a body length

Koseki just on the WR line and just touches first touching in a time of 2.08.6 Gyurta touches on a time of 2.11.2 a truly awful swim from the defending champ.

BRIT ALERT Andrew Willis in this next heat alongside the German Marco Koch

Andrew Willis with a lovely nice long steady stroke comes into the first 50 third

Swimmers still all in a line. Now Andrew Willis picking up his stroke and finishes first in a time of 2.08.92. Job done and into the semi Finals for him.

ANOTHER BRIT ALERT Craig Benson he has the 2 Americans on his right one of whom just missed the WR in the American Trials

Wow what a start from Kevin Cordes he was almost a metre ahead by the 25m mark

Craig Benson looking very comfortable here going to have to do a bit of work in the second 100

Craig finishes 4th in a time of 2.11.19. I think he has made it but it will be tight.

Results from heat 5