Weightlifting: 63kg Women's Qualifying



Hello everybody. I'm back. If you new. I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) It's the 63KG Women's Group B. Here's a quick explination of how it works.

This is how it works, in part 1 (Snatch) lifters have 1 motion to lift the weight, in Part 2 (Clean and Jerk), it's 2. That's why they will lift more in part 2. The weight from part 1 and 2 combined will make they're score. Group B has the not so good lifters, Group A have the best. At the end both Group A and Group B scores get put on a final leaderboard. That's how we get the results

If only I could read the Minute By Minutes of the Murray Match and Weightlifting and any other Minute By Minute at the same time on the same screen. Well then. You're in luck. We just a couple days ago made www.bytheminute.co/live for that problem.

The Startlist for Group B is: MAD Ravololoniaina (How the hell do I say that name if I had to say it on the Olympics podcast?) TUR Kurnaz ARG Palacios FIN Vuohijoki (What the hell are these names?) CUB Rodriguez Mitjan (Commies! Dun Dun Dun.) JPN Matsumoto EGY Ahmed

10 minutes before lifting begins.

here we go! it's watchingpeopleliftweights time. who will get Olympic Gold at the Men's watchingpeopleliftweights.

An easy 75KG lift for Ravololoniaina

Kurnaz now attempting 78KG

Easy lift, with a little bow.

Palacios going for 80 now.