Weightlifting: 63kg Women's Final



Hello everybody, I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) here. This is group A. Here's the explaination:

This is how it works, in part 1 (Snatch) lifters have 1 motion to lift the weight, in Part 2 (Clean and Jerk), it's 2. That's why they will lift more in part 2. The weight from part 1 and 2 combined will make they're score. Group B has the not so good lifters, Group A have the best. At the end both Group A and Group B scores get put on a final leaderboard. That's how we get the results

The Group A Startlist: CHN Deng (Clean and Jerk World Record Holder) KAZ Goricheva NK(PRK) Choe THA Gulnoi MEX Gurrola Ortiz COL Perez Tigrero ITA Bordignon

We're about to get underway.

Bordignon will be first to lift. She will try 94KG

A nice. Easy lift.

Gurrola Ortiz now lifting 97

Nice lift. Shaky and step forward and turns a bit to the side, but it's all okay.

Bordignon now trying 98.

Almost but didn't quite have the strength.