Spain turn it around brilliantly though. This realy could be a classic.

A topsy turvy opening 5 minutes to say the least!

2 minute suspension for Cabral for Spain. Brazil will no doubt be looking to increase their lead. Even if Spain equalise first. Egg on face for this reporter 😶

Cabral back on court now after her suspension and gets a goal shortly after. Brazil call a timeout.

Spain score and lead by two now. First two goal lead by either side in this game.

Penalty scored by Brazil to bring their deficit down to one again. Two minute suspension for Brazil's number 18. The resulting penalty is saved by the Spanish keeper.

15 minutes gone and Brazil are back up to full strength. Spain lead by three.

Spain have a 57% shots to save percentage in the opening quarter of this game. The Brazilian keeper is by far the busier keeper.

Spain penalty scored and they have a five goal lead now. Impressive after going 3-2 down. Brazil call a timeout again.

Brazilian number 81 off the court after getting a unintentional clash of heads from Mangue of Spain. No problem for the hosts though, they reduce Spains lead to three, which is quickly back up to five..