Penalty to Spain as Mangue gets bundled over. Duely dispatched.

Yellow card to Rodriguez of Brazil. Resulting penalty scored by da Silva. Spain lead by 4 now.

Five minutes to go in the forst half and Alberto of Spain gets a two minute suspension for shirt pulling. Free throw by Brazil isn't capatalized on by the hosts.

Spain call a team timeout, leading by 4.

Spain hit the post for the second time in two attacks but Brazil have the ball down the other end now. Foul by Pena, free throw to Brazil which is eventually turned in.

Spain haven't let Brazil come back at them since going 8-14 up. Navarro (the Spanish keeper) is in inspired form today.

Both 'keepers, actually. Perhaps the reason why the score is a little lower than you might expect.

Brazil score just before the whistle to reduce the deficit. Half time and the hosts trail Spain by three.

Half time stats for you, back for the second half in a few minutes.

The two teams are back on court ahead of the second half. Brazil, who trail by three, get us underway.