A goal from either side at the start of the second period. Make that a third, Spain lead out to four now.

Penalty to Brazil after their number 18 was fouled. Nicely dispatched.

Amorim has a two minute suspension for shirt pulling after Spain have the ball in the net. Resulting penalty is saved by the Brazil keeper.

The Spanish #14 has a suspension, too. For the record.

Free throw to Brazil, ends up hitting the post. Gonzalez off for the Spaniard to serve a suspension. Brazil back up to full strength. Five minutes gone in the second half and Spain lead by three, again.

Pena increases Spains lead to four. Their one woman deficit isn't a problem for them, clearly. Brazil back to full strength now though.

Brazil have the ball in the net but it's a penalty after a foul by Penedo. The resulting penalty is comfortably saved by Navarro.

Penedo back on after her two minute suspension.

Four goals for Amorin, despite having two suspensions already, one more and she'll be red carded. Penalty to Brazil and Chavez gets a two minute suspension, her second. Penalty nicely dispatched again. Spain back to a three goal lead again.

Team timeout for Spain. Chavez still with a couple of seconds to serve on her suspension. Time to refresh for Spain, I think.