Live at the KC Agility Festival



Morning. I've been dragged kicking and screaming back to some other agility event. Apparently this one is quite a big deal. We shall see. First update is that it's peeing with rain. And it's only 8.23am. This does not bode well. Welcome to KC Festival!

People have already started their walks around the course. You know the score. Silly hand gestures with their imaginary dog in mind. Body levels moving high to low. Running in some parts. They are mental. Everyone of them.

Somewhere in among this lot is Mrs G. She has to walk four courses at once this morning. Rather her than me. I can't remember to change my socks never mind the exact course to follow for four separate rings.

This is one of our agility dogs, impatiently waiting for her first run. Maisie is the young'un. Or the annoying one if you will. Think she has 3 runs today. Expect poles to go flying later!

Apparently this is the biggest agility show in the world. 2,000 dogs here this week. Think Glastonbury but without the music. Or the drugs.

Look, you even get a map in the programme. 15 rings plus the main ring. That's where Adele and Coldplay are competing later. Maybe.

The scene ahead of the first run of the day. Maisie going in this one. Nothing at stake. Purely for practice purposes.

Run No.1: Maisie in ring 4 (combined 1-4 agility) Told you it was just a practice. After an early pole down, Mrs G took her back to the a-frame to work on contacts. But that meant an elimination. Result: Elimination

No sooner has one class finished, than the next class starts. This time it gets serious. Ish.

Mrs G has just told me she walked the course wrong this morning. THERE'S NUMBERS ON THE GROUND...HOW CAN YOU NOT COUNT WOMAN?!

Surmaan Becky

I'm not the only one! Loving your posts! Rebekah First Kc show next week!!