Russia Water Polo

Brazil Water Polo



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Russia get their first win of their Olympic Water Polo campaign. Brazil were good for the first quarter but very ordinary for the rest of the contest. Here are the end of game stats.

One more goal for Russia must now see off Brazil in a comfortable win. 14-7 and the hooter goes to signal the end of the game.

13-7 to Russia with 90 seconds left.

Brazil still manage to score, merely a consolation.

Russia running riot here, another goal to increase their lead over Brazil, who have been awful since the end of the first quarter.

Both sides have 8 steals, which shows that Russia have used them better than Brazil. Russia's latest goal takes the game beyond Brazil, I think.

Russia get their second penalty of the game which is dispatched by the Russian player. Even if the keeper went the right way.

Brazilian #10 with an exclusion.

Goal again to Russia after the ball is passed out wide and the Brazilian keeper can't keep the effort out. Four goal lead for the Russians.