Athletics: Day One



Hello everyone. I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) here to begin bytheminute's coverage of the athletics.

Our main british person here today is the great Jessica Ennis-Hill.

at 1:30pm BST the Men's Discus Throw begins 1:35pm BST The heptathlon begins 2:05pm BST The Women's Shot Put begins. 3:10pm BST the only medal event, Women's 10000m 3:55pm BST the Women's 100m

In the discus throw, is you throw 65.5m or further then you qualify, If less than 12 do it then the top 12 go through.

4 heats here in the 100m hurdles heptahlon. heat 1 begins

13.79 was the time, 1008 points. ZSIVOCZKY-FARKAS was the winner

Dadic gets 1001 So does Aguilar

heat 2:

will say who's running in the next 2 heats. These are in the first heats cause they aren't expected to do much.

Heat 2 is now.. underway