Men's 20km Walk



Hey everyone, Jody Jamieson here to bring your one of the weirdest events of the Olympics. This is the shorter distance, so think of this like the half marathon for constipated people. It's the 20km walk! If you want an idea of what we're dealing with, here's a short clip of what it look like. Wacky.

List of favourites. Tom Bosworth goes for GB and Alex Wright for Ireland.

Some rules. Three times where neither foot is on the ground and you're out

Race at half 6. Don't do what this Russian lad did in London!

Race is starting on the road. I think it ends in the stadium.

And we're off! As they waddle along the road looking to gain a position at the front.

Japanese lad pulls out into an early lead. I think I've already seen him have his feet off the ground at least once.

We're getting a lot of aerial shots right now. Still a massive pack together at the front.

Korean guy takes the lead. It's sunny so I can't read their names, and the commentators are rabbiting about the course. We get a dramatic slow motion video of people walking as the Korean lad opens up a few seconds at the front. The crowd starts to clap and cheer. This rules.

Kim is the South Korean in the lead. They go past a drinks station. I think more bottles got dropped than grabbed.