Live At The KC Agility Festival (Again...)



Having woken at ridiculous o'clock for a Saturday, I'm back at the KC Festival. And apparently today is a big deal. I better behave. Welcome to Champ day!

Even the Olympic walking race athletes have a wee giggle at how agility competitors walk around a course...

Remember Ashley and Pudsey from Britain's Got Talent? The one in the glasses is the one without four paws...

Just like Germans on a beach, the early bird catches the best spot by ringside. More people will be here than at the badminton in Rio later. Guaranteed.

Hayley Atkins


The preparation begins now. I like to think of these as doggy shin pads.

First run of the day time. Geordie going in an agility class that I think Mrs G is using as a practice run. Just like Vienna to Midge Ure, this means nothing to her. Geordie looking especially hyper today...

Run No.1: Geordie (Agility grade 7) Told you it was a practice. And Geordie listened too. Yes, that means it was an elimination for jumping no.5 the wrong way. Get it out your system early. Obviously. Result: Elimination

Ring 10 is where the Championship agility is today. Well over 200 dogs taking part (263 in total!) and only the top 20 make it through to judges houses and the live shows.

If you have the greatest eyesight in the world, here's what's happening around the festival today.


You're very perky this morning!

Roddy Graham

Wait until this afternoon...

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Positioned ring side for the Starters Cup (newbies to the sport) with judge Alan Short looking dapper in his coat and trousers.

Jane Emmett

That is my friend Alison with Sieger, came 7th according to me. Thanks for the photo. Enjoying your updates.😅