Welcome to the min by min coverage of the first session of the 3rd day of this intriguing 4th test match. England fought back in the last session but Pakistan still lead by 12 with 4 wickets left. Younis Khan 101 and Sarfraz Ahmed 17 the not out batsman. England need to be batting by lunch to stop Pakistan getting away.

I'm Thomas and I am tender this morning but I'll do my best to bring you top coverage! Join me in 8 minutes for the coverage.

Chris Woakes will open the bowling this morning for England, facing is Sarfraz Ahmed.

Woakes a little too short in that over. 1 off. 341/6 Younis Khan 101 Sarfraz Ahmed 18 Lead 13

Jimmy to open at the other end today. Sarfraz facing.

FOUR - Sarfraz charges and clips Jimmy to fine leg. 345/6

Play and a miss! - Sarfraz comes down again, Jimmy bowls a shorter length and Sarfraz fishes at it. 345/6

Cricket United Day at The Oval.

Misfield at mid wicket allows a single. 5 off. 346/6 Younis Khan 101 Sarfraz Ahmed 23 Lead 18

FOUR - Too straight and an easy clip to fine leg by Sarfraz.