Rowing: Men's Eight go for gold



Afternoon all! Matt Verri here for the final day of the Rowing at Rio 2016. It's brought success for GB so far.... and it could get even better! Women's Eight and the Men's Eight will round off the Regatta in a couple of hours. Should be great!

We're on the lowest of low red buttons. They've tuned in just as a race goes off, which I believe is the Men's Single Sculls D Final. Yes, they race for the honour of the lower places. Not a clue who's who. All I can say is Uzbekistan and Lithuania are the two ahead.

At the 500m mark it's Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Peru, Paraguay, Algeria, and Iraq. Six Rowing powerhouses. The Lithuanian sculler is starting to pull away... Kelmelis is his name. Me neither.

We've even got the B team on commentary, the main guys clearly saving themselves for the proper finals. The Lithuanian still a length ahead, but they're grouping up behind him. I'm going to give you a time schedule for the gold medal finals. Give me a sec...

All of these are UK times: 14:32 - Men's Single Sculls Final 14:45 - Women's Single Sculls Final 15:06 - Women's Eight Final 15:27 - Men's Eight Final

Oh, we have a winner in the D Final. That means he comes.... 19th? I think that's right. Lithuanian sculler wins it, followed closely by the athletes from Peru and Iraq. No, you're not getting a full result. Time for the Women's Single Sculls D Final. Contain yourselves.

Here are the runners and riders: 1. Rafa'ee (SIN) 2. Mosqueira (PAR) 3. Chow (TTO) 4. Ukogu (NGR) 5. Rouba (ALG) 6. Negm (EGY) I'l predict a win for... Chow.

It's been confirmed that the British rower Alan Campbell will not participate in his B Final today due to illness. Shame for him, would have been hoping for more in Rio after his efforts in London. In the D Final, we have Ukogu stretching out ahead, with Rafa'ee in second and Chow in third. COME ON CHOW. Ah. Chow has caught a crab. She's falling back rapidly. I do pick well.

Ukogu miles ahead now, 19th place will surely be hers. Mosqueira and Rouba pushing for 20th place, they're level at the moment with 500m to go. Chow nowhere. Disgrace.

Mosqueira's attempts to move past Rouba have seen her catch up a bit with Ukogu, who has seen her lead cut massively. Rouba now with a push, and Ukogu is absolutely dying. 100 metres to hang on! LOST IT! Mosqueira caught her on the line, and takes 19th place. Ukogu second in the race, 20th overall. Rouba takes 21st. Such drama.