Rowing: Men's Eight go for gold



Back to the Men's Single Sculls, and the C Final. Oh yes. Here goes: 1. Memo (INA) 2. Bhokanal (IND) 3. Esquivel (URU) 4. Petervari-Molnar (HUN) 5. Rosso (ARG) 6. Dongyong (KOR) I shall go for Rosso. Apologies in advance to him.

Bhokanal has gone hard out of the gates, and already has a decent lead. Rosso poised in second, ready to bring it home for Team BTM. Dongyong will do well to finish the race before the end of the regatta on current pace.

Bhokanal still ahead, but he and Rosso are starting to stretch out from the field. The Indian almost goes in there after a complete collapse in balance. 100m to go, and he is 2.22 seconds up on Rosso.

The commentators keep going on about the sprint finish of Petervari-Molnar. I'm expecting very big things, judging by what they're saying. Not a sign of it so far. Sure it will be here any second now. 500m to go, Bhokanal still ahead, lead under 2 seconds now.

The previously mocked Dongyong has found some speed, and may well now finish before nightfall. Petervari-Molnar is putting in a bit of a sprint, not much though. Looks like he'll catch Rosso and take second in the race. Bhokanal cruises to victory though, great effort.

So it's Bhokanal who finishes 13th overall, Petervari-Molnar 14th, and Rosso 15th. Excellent row from the Indian competitor, he can be very proud of 13th in the Olympics. Back to the start line for the Women's C Final. This doesn't half drag on.

I can't be bothered to type all of this out again. But there is an Irish rower in Lane 3. I will officially be cheering her on. Come on Puspere!

Puspere has made a brilliant start, she's out in front early on. 500m gone, and she has a 1.44 second lead over the Swedish boat, with the Lithuanian just behind in third. Puspere looking very strong here, hopefully she can keep this up.

Saltyte is gaining a bit on Puspere here, lead cut down to about 3/4 of a boat. 500m to go, and the Irishwoman has a lead of 1.36 seconds. Come on Puspere, see it off. The top two have got clear water on the rest of the field, and they will battle it out for 13th and 14th.

Puspere wins it!! She finishes 13th, just as she did 4 years ago in London. Saltyte does indeed finish second... and someone else who I don't know in third. The kind of professional service you can expect with us. Katy Perry now blasting over the rowing lake. Why not.