Rowing: Men's Eight go for gold



Stone starting to make a move on Djingli, and here comes Twigg. Unfortunately she's 4th and well back. Brennan all but has this in the bag, but it's up for grabs for Silver and Bronze.

500 metres to go. Brennan, Stone, Djingli, Twigg, Gmelin, Lobnig. That's your order. Twigg can't catch Stone and Djingli, might have to settle for 4th. Needs a huge burst.

100 metres to go... Brennan will win gold for Team Australia!! Stone is trying to hold off the Chinese boat, and Twigg is indeed making a big move. Might just be too late though. I think it will be....

Harvey Waywell

What time is the Mens 8 final ?

Matt Verri

15:27. Women's Eight next, and then the Men's.

GOLD FOR BRENNAN!! Stunning row from her, never in doubt. Cruised to the victory. Stone takes Silver for the USA, and it's Bronze for China. Twigg was coming, but left herself too much to do. Another great race.

Two excellent races.... and two absolutely massive ones to come. It's time for the Women's Eight, and then the Men's Eight. GB will be hoping for two medals here. If you're watching on BBC 1, the previous race is still going on. They are a shambles.

Medal Ceremony for the Men's Single Sculls. Martin throws Drysdale into the water, snatching his gold medal while screaming, "THIS IS MY MEDAL. I DESERVE THIS MEDAL." That may all be a complete lie.

Martin is in fact delighted, a massive punch of the air as he gets his silver medal. He put in a huge effort, and could easily have won the gold on another day. Some terrible music being blasted out... can't hear a thing. Drysdale gets his gold medal, winner of a great race. Well played.

It's time.... Women's Eight Final. Let's do this GB!! 1. Netherlands 2. Romania 3. USA 4. Great Britain 5. Canada 6. New Zealand.

The Americans have dominated this event recently, and are the huge favourites to bring home another gold medal. Canada also well fancied. GB will be hoping for a medal. I will be hugely biased.... COME ON GB!!!

All 6 boats off to good starts as they wind the pace and the stroke rate up after 100 metres. Canadians have gone out the quickest it looks like, and GB are last as it stands. Plenty of time left yet though. Canada have had a belter of a start.