Good morning! @arsenal_pires7 here following the out of form New England patriots at the playoff hunting Houston Texans.

Here are the inactives for the patriots. Note that Rob Gronkowski is active. *cue patriot fans cheering*

Right then , game doesn't start for 90 odd minutes. Packers just scored a touchdown to go 21-7 up against Dallas. See you in 90

Final from the Green Bay game and they come out victorious. Somehow Dallas are still in the hunt!

With Denver losing to the Raiders today. A Patriots win gives them 1st place with a bye and home field advantage on the cards!

No news on the inactives for the Texans however JJ Watt plays with a broken hand. I call in sick for a paper cut. Two types of people.

Apologies in advance if I fall asleep by the end. Hopefully (well for me) the patriots have it wrapped up by the third. But who knows!

Of course Vince Wilfork and Brian Hoyer both play against their old team. Will be very interesting to see how it plays out

Houston currently a division leader with plenty in the hunt.

Patriots won the toss and elected to defer. Touchback 20'yard line Texans. Here we go