Cycling: Day Three at the Velodrome



Hello everybody, I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) here covering the Cycling on a backup computer.

The First event is in 6 minutes, the Men's Sprint Quarter Finals and the Men's Sprint races to see who is 9th-12th

There are 4 Sprint Heats. The winner of each heat qualifies to the Semifinals. The losers race for 5th-8th place.

Heat 1 is about to begin. Kenny v Constable

Kenny is from GB!!!!!! and is favorite, Constable is from Australia and only JUST qualified in a last chance qualification in the 1/8

I'm using the BBC IPlayer, so if coverage gets really bad, blame the BBC and it's horrible IPlayer.

If you want to watch the Nadal Del Potro match or anything else on Bythemin at the same time then go here:

Kenny will go in front.

Kenny straight up had way more power so Constable couldn't get next to him. Kenny wins!

Skinner of GB who qualified 2nd v Xu of China! Skinner is favorite, Xu will go in front.