Cycling: Day Three at the Velodrome



Women's Keirin now. 2 heats, The first three riders in each heat qualify to final 1-6, all other riders advance to final 7-12.

in heat 1 it's Zhong Bayona Pineda Vogel Lee Ligtlee Voinova

Voinova is in front when still behind the motobike, Ligtlee 2nd.

Vogel lead most of the time when the motobike left mostly beacuse there was a big crash with 1 lap to go, Bayona Pineda went on the floor while the rest where pushed onto the outside. Ligtlee got 2nd and Voinova 3rd.

In heat 2: Meares, James of GB!, Lee of mighty Hong Kong (suck it china.. both of you) Kurpeckaite, Van Riessen and Basova.

Now Meares is clear favorite being 11 time world champion but as a GB person I'm rooting for James.

lee at the front, Van Riessen is at the back.

James in 4th!

The Motobike pulls out now!

Lee leads but then Meares is up on his outside but JAMES! James takes the lead on the outside! Meares graps 2nd, Lee crashes on the inside! Sprint on the last straight! Meares wins by 0.006 seconds to James in 2nd and sneaky Basova Just grabs 3rd 0.03 seconds behind james!