Cycling: Day Three at the Velodrome



They don't even need to finish, they just had to show up....

Now! The race for 5th-6th is Australia v Italy!

Australia start amazingly! Already a gap of 1.1 at 500m! Italy speeding up! But Australia also speed up. The Gap is staying the same at 1500m. Both of these teams haven't made a mistake... apart from Italy with a horrible start. It's just Australia have a higher pace. It looks to be over, both teams lose they're 4th rider, italy's riders have massively split up!

Australia with an easy win for 5th. Italy 6th.

The Race for Bronze!!!!!!! New Zealand v Australia!

Canada with a great start! Gap is 0.4 Canada with a fast pace. New Zealand finally holding there own at 1000m of 4000m New Zealand are making small mistakes with they're train while Canada are going perfect. The Gap slowly increasing, 1.5 second gap at halfway. Both teams have gone to 3 riders already! New Zealand have surely lost this. Canada with a Perfect ride for an Amazing Bronze.

Now Great Britain v USA. Trott, Archibald, Barker and Rowsell-Shand v Hammer, Catlin, Dygert and Valente! this the battle for GOLD!

USA with a good start. GB is behind, but GB is catching fast! at 500m the gap was .6, now at 1000m it's 0.1

GB Makes a mistake and falls behind, But catches up, GB with a fast pace! Trott gives us a massive lead! Will USA Now catch up after our fast pace early on, Not much change but USA Goes to 3 riders, WAIT! USA in 250m went from 0.6 to 1.4! GB To 3 Riders! GB Looks like a WR! GB Split up But it doesn't matter!!!!! GB GOLD AND AMAZING WORLD RECORD!

GB Got a World Record 2 days ago in the qualifying and broke that very world record by 2 SECONDS!