The definitive NFL opening titles sequence. C4 in 1985 and the bearded wonder of Nicky Horne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSaJ0sBgwdk

Good Evening indeed. I'm the less hirsute @clarkyboy72 here to tell the tale of the Titans and the Jets from the MetLife Stadium in New York

The Titans are looking to win two in a row for the first time this season after Mariota inspired them to a win over Jacksonville last week.

The Jets need a win to stay at the forefront of the AFC wild card chase, and they'll be hoping the Patriots slide continues!

Just waiting now for the Game Pass coverage to kick in. Titans in All White tonight https://twitter.com/Titans/status/676098346197585920

Here we go then - 63 Degrees in New York today. Not what would be expected in December. Titans will kick off to get us away

Cromartie takes a knee in the end zone and the Jets will start with Ryan Fitzpatrick from the 20

The bearded one will of course be well known to the Titans after his season in Tennessee. 1st pass picks up a couple to Brandon Marshall

2nd & 6 for the Jets and Ivory barrels forward for 5 yards to bring up 3rd & 1

3rd & 1 sees a pitch to Ivory and he just does enough to get the first down for the Jets