Match Of The Day: Will Gary Lineker Present In His Pants?



Let’s face it – MOTD tonight is more about Underpants than it is Football hence why ByTheMin Towers asked me to minute for ye tonight… I’m not sure should I be flattered or worried as to my reputation with the boss! Either way I am going to keep this as sporting as possible… Pass the keks! I mean crisps!!!

Would you kick this out of bed for eating crisps? Quick poll? Let's see......

Ohhhhh the anticipation

A new titles... Maybe they will do it in their jocks going forward!

Jody Jamieson

Did you faint?


eh......... NO!

Fair fcuks to the nutter!


Fair fucks......LOLZ


I'm not surprised - a little disappointed the lads didn't join him

Now on to the footie - First up - HUL - LEI Everyone had them dead and buried

Oh yes - there will be spoilers here - if you don't want to know the results - eh - go read about the Olympics!

So I was out grocery shopping as this match was happening - Final Score - HUL 2 - LEI 1 I'm delighted - go-on the underdog - digging deep week one!

Oh yes as for Mr Lineker - cop out DUDE - They were long shorts! Most definitely did a bit of this today!

Oh yes a bit of talky stuff now - Mr Shearer is trying to concentrate on the match and be professional about the players - stuttering over Hull players names... Mr L talking about Hulls resilience now.. tbf I can't take anything seriously right now!


Ian Wright is struggling so much not to laugh!