Athletics: Super Saturday II feat. Ennis, Rutherford and Farah



Good evening. Are you ready for the crushing disappointment that will be Great Britain's attempt to rekindle a small part of London 2012? Good. So am I. This is Andrew Corcoran. LET'S DO THIS.

OF COURSE WE WILL WIN ALL THE GOLDS. I'm just messing with you. Here's how it's looking: 0000 BST - Katarina and Jess both throw WORLD RECORDS in the Javelin 0053 BST - All other long jumpers simultaneously break their legs and Greg Rutherford the only athlete left to collect the GOLD MEDAL

0127 BST - Mo Farah hitches a lift on one of those Segue things to storm the 10,000m once again. 0237 BST - Mo Farah also wins the women's 100m final 0318 BST - Katarina & Jess tie exactly on points and therefore BOTH CLAIM GOLD MEDALS. That's my prediction, anyway.


Your not being realistical. We'll win more golds than that easy!

I'm toasting with a themed drink every time Team GB win a medal. 2 G&Ts (silver) & 2 proseccos (gold) so far for me today. So if we don't win any medals tonight, I'll be very sober and grumpy by 4am. #alcoholic

We'll be following the BBC's main coverage tonight. Apologies to those of you elsewhere, such as the US. Although NBC are probably just showing #PhelpsFace for the next four hours or so.

Ridiculous BBC build-up, as ever. I mean, they've been at it since 12:45pm. Broken record. Actual Live Athletics, please Gabby!

Graham Terris

Yep, everyone awake and watching will know the story so far. Frustrating.

Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell)

I've heard Eddie Butler talk about Super Saturday 5 times today...

So, we're looking at the Heptathlon so far... Thiam of Belgium is 5 points ahead of Jess as it stands. She'll do better in the Javelin than the Brits, but worse in the 200m than them if they all perform at PB pace. The BBC predict Gold & Bronze for Britain tonight.

First attempt. KJT chucks her javelin with the strength of an Angela Eagle leadership bid. 36.36m. I'm sure she's just warming up, yes?

Denise Lewis LAYING into Katarina. "Bad technique!" her main critique, when strapping on her elbow is pointed out.

God, KJT looks SHATTERED as she lolls about with her spear in the warm-up area. Not great sleep last night? TBH I'd need to be pushed out in a wheelchair after those five previous events.