Rafa Nadal
2 7(7) 3

Kei Nishikori
6 6(1) 6



Hello everyone! It's the tennis men's single bronze medal match between Spain's Rafael Nadal vs Japan's Kei Nishikori! Should be a good, entertaining match! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn to take you through the first men's single match here in Rio!

This should be a very tight match between two excellent players! Who are you picking? I have a feeling that Nishikori will take this one!

So we're pretty close to starting! Blimy it's been a right faff getting this feed! Not on TV or iPlayer! Ends up on BBC Sport site! Ah well, Rafa is ready as Kei is sorting his tape and we'll start with Rafa serving

Usual prep for the serve, hit quite wide and Kei pushed the return wide 15-0

This time, small rally causing a poor mistake by Rafa! Just long, 15-15

Rafa hitting the net on the serve, 2nd has lots of spin and Kei hits way out 30-15

Really powerful serve by Rafa and he dictates the rally, Kei hits wide 40-15

Fabulous tight serve and Kei hit it well but Rafa found the open court, game Rafa

So a quick break in this heat, Kei to serve, first serve is long, now the second, lots of spin onto Rafa's backhand, nice rally ends with Rafa trying a bit too hard for the point and it goes out 15-0

Another 2nd serve and Kei outplayed Rafa on that point ending with an easy volley for Kei to put away 30-0