Rafa Nadal
2 7(7) 3

Kei Nishikori
6 6(1) 6



Rafa hits out on the serve, second spins a lot and Kei couldn't find the line from an excellent attempt, AD Rafa

Second serve for Rafa and a strong return forces Rafa to hit the net! 40-40 again

Another second serve for Rafa, kept hitting to one side, you'll eventually get some joy from that as the opponent wants to be central! AD Rafa again

That's the game! Kei hits the net!

So, a quick break, Nishikori to serve as we have changed ends with Kei looking towards the sun

Crowd are unsettling the players so a delay, wow Kei hits way out on the 1st serve, 2nd was better and he gets the point after a short rally and Rafa hitting the net 15-0

Oh unlucky for Rafa, hit the top of the net and it went out from that 30-0

Excellent play by Kei! Defence turned into attack; good point 40-0

Ooh dear, Kei missing a chance there, he placed his shot poorly and Rafa punishes him, Kei hits the net bit no matter, Rafa hits out soon after and Game Kei 40-15

And that's an ace that is being challenged by Kei! Yes, it was out! Rafa will re-take, the longest rally of the game ends with Rafa disappointingly hitting the net 0-15