Rafa Nadal
2 7(7) 3

Kei Nishikori
6 6(1) 6



Rafa hits out again, 2nd serve is good but the looping return by Kei was hard to deal with and Rafa hits out 0-30

Yet another 2nd serve, wow Kei hits the ball so early! Rafa hits the ball wildly out! 0-40

Oh Kei misses his chance and hits the net! Rafa isn't happy with the early returns though 15-40

Kei Breaks Rafa! Lovely lob after the Spaniard messed up the winner and it was perfect from Kei!

So, plenty of Tennis to come! Kei to serve! Can he extend his lead!

Well, Kei looked stretched then, hit wide and its 0-15

And that's an ace! Kei gets the ace, Rafa doesn't challenge 15-15

Thr second serve this time from Kei and it has so much spin! Rafa hits miles wide! 30-15

Ahhh Rafa hitting long and he's looking a tad labered here 40-15

Excellent ace by Kei Nishikori and that's serve held!