Rafa Nadal
2 7(7) 3

Kei Nishikori
6 6(1) 6



The crowd is very much behind Rafa but some Japanese fans as well!

Rafa hits a strong serve and Kei hits the net 15-0

Rafa hitting out and that is not what we expect from him 15-15

Kei just hits the ball so early and he dictates that point! 15-30

Rafa with a second serve, exquisite return down the line by Kei and 2 break points for kei 15-40

So, again, second serve for Rafa. Kei was looking good but a powerful down the line forehand from Rafa and he takes the point 30-40

Huge point from that serve! Eafa pulls it back 40-40

Oh dear, double fault for Rafa! Never seen that from him before (it happens, move on) but Kei was so close on the next point, he hits out 40-40

Oh Kei taking control again and he forces Rafa to hit the net with the low spinning shot AD kei

Another 2nd serve for Rafa and its an ace!! Wow! 40-40