Rafa Nadal
2 7(7) 3

Kei Nishikori
6 6(1) 6



So far, it's very much in the favour of the Japanese player

The crowd are being a real pain! But they start and a good rally ending with an excellent down the line again from Kei! 0-15

Strong rallying ends with Kei making an unforced error hitting the net! 15-15

Kei couldn't deal with that serve and hits a long way wide 30-15

But this time, Rafa hits the net from the rally! 30-30

A long old rally from these 2 and another unforced hitting of the net by Kei 40-30

Rafa hits wide but he challenges! It was out! 40-40

When Rafa gets Kei in a long rally, Kei hits the net! Same again! AD Rafa

Oh dear dear dear! Rafa hits so so looonngg!! 40-40

But the serve is good and Kei hits long himself! AD Rafa again and ooh he holds the serve! Great ace!