Rafa Nadal
2 7(7) 3

Kei Nishikori
6 6(1) 6



Rafa looks so tired!! Oooh but no matter! Attempted lob by Kei was stopped and won by Rafas fabulous back hand smash! 0-15

That's followed by Kei hitting long and Rafa is looking pretty good again! 0-30

Oh but Rafa couldn't keep that in! That looked tired! 15-30

Oooh an excellent down the line backhand from Kei, so powerful and so decisive! Excellent 30-30

Oooh a pint for the taking then for Kei! It loops out! Break point Rafa

Ooh but Rafa looked uncomfortable then abd hits the net from Keis serve 40-40

Brilliant serving by Kei and its AD Kei! Abd again! Rafa can't return the serve! Game Kei!

We've been going for an hour now! Rafa takes the first point of this game 15-0

Oh but Rafa hits the net! 15-15 and then Kei finds a lovely backhand across court and takes the point 15-30

Rafa hits out as he is now looking very very tired! Kei looks fresh and bouncy! 15-40